At the core of their teachings, the most influential organised religions on this earth are violent, bigoted, homophobic, divisive and scientifically unsubstantiated by any sort of factual evidence. I then hold that it is a rational supposition that such beliefs should not hold any sway over the legislative organisations that decide the fate of a much broader cross-section of society than those who wish to close their minds to the realities of the observable universe.

However they do, and that is a serious problem with the world today. The reality is that homosexuals, for instance, are denied equality and subject to an enforced morality because of the influence that religion has over the legislative mechanisms of many Western states, and when you turn your eye to America and some Islamic states, the situation becomes far worse.

To narrow my focus onto the case of homosexuality in Western countries, it is an overwhelmingly religious discourse that has held back the progress of equality in this regard. I reject this as irrational in two ways.

  1. There is no scientific evidence to suggest that the claims to immorality and societal harm made by religious people in response to calls for homosexual equality are in any way substantiated in a factual sense. Essentially, then, by enforcing that religious discourse of morality that is not in touch with the scientific, social or psychological reality on people that do not subscribe to such a religion, we are breaking down the very idea of secularism at its heart and foisting religious morality on people who do not believe in that religion on the part of people who are not even affected by such laws (i.e. why exactly is it the Church’s business what is legalized and not, and why should their bigoted, bronze-age beliefs stand in the way of equality in a secular society).
  2. Jesus does not deal with homosexuality in the New Testament, but does state on several occasions that he has come not to override or abolish the Old Testament but to fulfill it, and that, indeed, “It is easier for Heaven and Earth to pass away than for the smallest part of the letter of the law to become invalid.” (Luke 16:17).

    Why is it, then, that Christians cling to the disgusting, bigoted verses of the Old Testament regarding God’s hatred of homosexuals as though it is going out of fashion, but somehow forget the disgusting, bigoted verses in the Old Testament about God slaughtering children, or condoning genocide, or slaughtering Moses’ political opponents, or slaughtering whoever he really feels like when he wakes up that morning? If their God kills children, women and condones war crimes, genocide and rape, who exactly is he to tell us what is moral and immoral about sexuality? As a corollary to that, why do they focus on verses that support their condemnation of homosexuality, but yet attempt to paint a picture of a loving and tolerant God?

Just some thoughts. If anyone actually reads this, feel free to comment.