This is a blog by two guys that is primarily about religion, the importance of secularism and the dangers of closed-minded faith in the modern world or, more simply, why violent fairytale characters should not have any say in how a secular society is run.

Trav is a 17 year old University student from Sydney, Australia. He finds that religion enjoys a special place in society that it does not deserve in the slightest, and hopes that one day the decisions of the government will be based on what can be quantified and rationalized, as opposed to superstition and fear.

Fiyenyaa is a 20 year-old University student from Birmingham, UK. He basically agrees with Trav’s summary, and his pet area of inquiry when it comes to religion is looking at theistic arguments and asking “why and for what reason do you believe this?”

Elfdude is a 21 year-old University student from Gresham, Oregon, USA. They find faith-based belief abhorent and similarly religions that make faith into a virtue to be guilty by association. Elfdude possesses a strong reverance for evidence-based belief and refers to innocent until proven guilty as evidence that United States should not be a faith based country.